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Whatever the cause of your hair loss, Biscuits can help. From cancer treatments, alopecia, and other medical related hair loss, to overtreated hair and salon accidents, people today wear wigs for all variety of reasons. At Biscuits Wig our staff are all wig wearers, so you can trust them to be speaking from a place of experience. Discover how good great hair can feel!

  • Provide human hair full wig for women, enhance self-confidence and change styling

  • Provide real hair top replacement piece

  • Women's real hair short and long hair extension piece

  • Partial real hair styling, such as bun,  bangs, ponytail, etc.

  • Simple, convenient and easy to wear 

  • suitable for different seasons 

  • Very stable

  • Provide human hair full wig for men, enhance self-confidence and change styling

  • Provide men's  hair replacement pieces to solve the problems of Mediterranean, M forehead, baldness and hair loss

  • Simple, convenient and easy to wear

  • suitable for different seasons

  • Very stable

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  • Our consultations are completely free.

  • With over 15years of both personal and professional experience along with your help - I'm confident you'll end up with what you've been looking for! 

  • In-Person Consultation-Meet with our in person specialist to walk you through a plethora of wig customization options, tailored specifically for you.

Customers' Reviews

Thanks to the customers for their support over the years, Here are the successful cases of solving thin hair, cancer hair loss, postpartum hair loss, baldness, and improving self-image

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